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Function of SMD Buzzer Pin Feet

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Function of SMD Buzzer Pin Feet

Function and Distinction of SMD Buzzer Pin Feet

There are usually 3 or 4 welding feet of square electromagnetic buzzer.However, there are only 2 feet connect with the coil inside.

The other 2 feet are designed for mounting flat and firmly of products'soldering.

About the SMD buzzer which has side sound port,the two feet which are opposite to sound port are usually positive and negative anodes.

Some clients deisign the circuit before getting the buzzer.Therefore,we sometimes have to change the polarity of the feet according to 

clients' requirements.

So we don't suggest that judge the polarity of feet by watching its appearance because there can be condition that the polarity will be 

in difference places in same kind of product.

It is better that the clients design their circuit after knowing the product'polarities.

After receiving the product sample, you can judge by reading the specification.

Or you can adjust the multimeter to the resistance position,connect the side which has a symbol,this is positive polarity.Another test pencil

connects with the other sides.The foot which shows the resistance is negative polarity.

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