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SMT Surface Mount Technology

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SMT Surface Mount Technology

Surface-mount technology, known as the English Surface Mount Technology, referred to as SMT, which is affixed to the surface-mount components, solder to the printed circuit board provides the location on the surface of the circuit assembly technology, used in circuit board with responsibility Unprincipled drilling. In particular, is the first in the circuit PCB solder paste coating on the disk, and then surface mount components accurately coated with solder paste on the pad, the printed circuit board by heating until melted solder paste, cooling After-million achieved between the PCB and the Internet. In the 1980s, SMT production technologies are maturing, surface-mount technology for mass production of components, a significant drop in price, technical performance, low price of the equipment are available with SMT assembly of electronic products with small size, Good performance, full-function, low price advantage, so as a new generation of SMT electronics assembly technology, has been widely used in aviation, aerospace, communications, computers, medical electronics, automotive, office automation, household appliances and other fields of electronics In the assembly.

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