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These are related to the Buzzer news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in Buzzer and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand Buzzer market.
  • 07-17 2018 +Read More
    How do piezoelectric buzzers work?

    A piezo buzzer is a sound producing device.The main working principle is based on the theory that, whenever an electric potential is applied across a piezoelectric material, a pressure variation is generated. A piezo buzzerconsists of piezo crystals in between two conductors.When a potential differe

  • 06-29 2018 +Read More
    What is the 1/2 duty square wave?

    If the user uses a passive piezoelectric buzzer or a passive electromagnetic buzzer, it is recommended to use 1/2 square wave in the input voltage and frequency conditions. Why use it? Because this condition can The buzzer (buzzer) inside the buzzer achieves the highest amplitude, which means that t

  • 02-06 2018 +Read More
    SMD-- Surface Mount Device

    In the electronic circuit board production in the initial stage, through-hole assembly to be completed entirely artificial. The first batch of the introduction of the automated machines, which can put a few simple components pin, but the complexity of the components still need to be placed by hand f

  • 01-26 2018 +Read More
    Buzzer Frequency and Buzzer SPL

    A buzzer sound is produced by vibrating objects which have a certain frequency of sound waves. Frequency refers to the number that contains the consecutive cycles per second. Buzzer's resonant frequency is 2-4KHZ. Buzzer's resonant frequency refers to the recommended maximum, and sound pressure cons

  • 12-12 2017 +Read More
    Possible Reason that the Buzzer Has Noise

    When the sound which the buzzer generates is not a clear beep sound, we call it noise or broken sound. There are two possible ways to cause the noise.Improperly used If the voltage we input is too high, the diaphragm will easily touch other components, which causes the noise.When we set the wrong fr

  • 12-04 2017 +Read More
    Introduction of Buzzer Frequency and Sound Pressure

    The sound of a buzzer is a kind of sound wave that is produced by a vibrating device.Frequency refers to the number of continuous cycles per second, and the frequency of measurement units is Hertz Hertz (Hz). The frequency range of human ear hearing is about 20-20khz, lower than 20Hz for the second

  • 11-30 2017 +Read More
    Function of SMD Buzzer Pin Feet

    Function and Distinction

  • 11-10 2017 +Read More
    Index for Choosing Buzzers

    There are some indexes to help choose buzzers.

  • 11-03 2017 +Read More
    Difference Between a Loudspeaker and a Buzzer

    What is the diffenence between a loudspeaker and a buzzer?

  • 10-27 2017 +Read More
    What's the function of buzzer?

    Buzzer is mainly used as warning tone and alarm sound.

  • 10-19 2017 +Read More
    SMD Piezo Buzzer

    SMD Magnetic BuzzerAdvantages:1.The volume of buzzer can be made very small.(Length and width can be made as 4MM). It can save lots of space.2.Its sound is the highest in same volume product.Differences:1.Current consumption is higher than SMD piezo buzzer(Common operating current should be within 1

  • 09-13 2017 +Read More
    Positive and Negative Polarity of Buzzer

    Passive buzzers don't have positive and negative

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