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Piezoelectric Button

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1.Waterproof, beautiful and easy to clean
2.Vibration feedback to prevent misoperation
3.Operation with gloves
4.Experience the best tactile feedback
5.Ultra-thin thickness<1mm
6.Low power consumption
7.User operation panel materials can be customized

Working Principal:

The piezoelectric ceramic component is composed of a piezoelectric ceramic piece and two upper and lower conductive layers. The piezoelectric ceramic component is mounted on the back surface of the physical panel. When the finger presses the button position, the piezoelectric element is slightly deformed to generate an electrical signal. When a voltage signal is applied to the piezoelectric element, the piezoelectric element undergoes micro-deformation, resulting in a tactile sensation and sound such as a mechanical button press.



1. Car dashboard

2. Household appliances(Microwave oven, lampblack machine, rice cooker, electric oven, dishwasher, coffee machine, washing machine, wine cabinet, refrigerator, etc.)

3. Devices with physical buttons (computer keyboards, elevators, vending machines, etc.)


1. Waterproof, beautiful and easy to clean

2. Vibration feedback to prevent misoperation

3. Operation with gloves

4. Experience the best tactile feedback

5. Ultra-thin thickness <1mm

6. Low power consumption

7. User operation panel materials can be customized


Complete solution:
Please provide the following information.
1.Shape and thickness of required product
2.The layout of the required product buttons
3.The material of the required product of user operation panel
4.Data interface PIN definition

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