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Applications of SMD Buzzers

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Applications of SMD Buzzers

Applications: It can be widely used for cell phone accessories, tablet personal computer accessories, Bluetooth system devices, bank payment system, terminal device of Internet of things, wearable smart devices, GPS system, medical devices, etc.

1. Cell phone accessories: Wireless Charger,Bluetooth Speaker,Bluetooth Headphone,etc.

2. Tablet personal computer accessories: Tablet PC

3. Bluetooth system devices: Bluetooth Speaker,Bluetooth Headphone,Bluetooth Anti-lost Device,etc.

4. Bank payment system: POS Terminal

5. Terminal device of Internet of things: Temperature Sensor,6. Humidity Sensor,Laser Scanner,Smart Home,All-in-one PCs,etc.

6. Wearable smart devices: Smart bracelet,Smart watch,Smart glasses,etc.

7. GPS system: UAV,GPS tracker,etc.

8. Medical devices: Oximeter,Glucose meter,Electronic blood pressure meter,Ear Thermometer,etc.

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