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  • 08-21 2018 +Read More
    What is SMD buzzer?

    SMD buzzer refers to the buzzer of the plastic shell, appearance and size of smaller, roll tape packaging, the pin can be flat to the PCB, patch type package is relative to plug-in type is another form of packaging of the buzzer. The product has the advantages of small size, light weight, sound clar

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    How to tell if an audio transducer is passive or active?

    Passive Piezo Buzzers run on AC only, no DC required. They're also often not called 'Buzzers', but rather 'Transducers', 'Elements' or similar.Active Piezo Buzzers run on DC, and usually the frequency they produce is specified.

  • 07-25 2018 +Read More
    The Tendency of Electronic Components

    From the perspective of the technological development trend of electronic components in the world, overall, chipping has become one of the important indicators to measure the development level of electronic components technology. Among them, chip capacitors, chip resistors and chip inductors are thr

  • 07-17 2018 +Read More
    How do piezoelectric buzzers work?

    A piezo buzzer is a sound producing device.The main working principle is based on the theory that, whenever an electric potential is applied across a piezoelectric material, a pressure variation is generated. A piezo buzzerconsists of piezo crystals in between two conductors.When a potential differe

  • 06-29 2018 +Read More
    What is the 1/2 duty square wave?

    If the user uses a passive piezoelectric buzzer or a passive electromagnetic buzzer, it is recommended to use 1/2 square wave in the input voltage and frequency conditions. Why use it? Because this condition can The buzzer (buzzer) inside the buzzer achieves the highest amplitude, which means that t

  • 06-15 2018 +Read More
    The Smallest Internal Drive Electromagnetic Buzzer Is Born.

    Keliking Electronics Co.,Ltd has been committed to the research and development,production and sales of microSMD buzzer since 2009.Through the efforts of the staff team, micro size internal drive type SMD buzzer (active SMD buzzer) is launched today for the global market. The models are KLJ-8545-3Y

  • 03-28 2018 +Read More
    Difference Between Bluetooth Anti-Lost Device and GPS Tracker

    Bluetooth Anti-lost Device:Using bluetooth transmit distance to judge if the article is lost. Usually its valid distance is 10-25 meters. Its range is relative small.It is mainly used to anti lost.When the article with device is over valid distance,the device and mobile phone will both alarm.GPS tra

  • 03-09 2018 +Read More
    What is a Buzzer?

    What is a Buzzer?A buzzer is a mechanical, electromechanical, magnetic, electromagnetic, electro-acoustic or piezoelectric audio signalling device. A piezo electric buzzer can be driven by an oscillating electronic circuit or other audio signal source. A click, beep or ring can indicate that a butto

  • 03-09 2018 +Read More
    Classification of Electronic Components

    Components can be classified as passive, active, or electromechanic.

  • 03-09 2018 +Read More
    Electronic Components--SMD Buzzer

    An electronic component is any basic discrete device or physical entity in an electronic system used to affect electrons or their associated fields. Electronic components are mostly industrial products, available in a singular form and are not to be confused with electrical elements, which are conce

  • 03-08 2018 +Read More
    Professional Buzzer Classification

    Buzzer classification:1, according to the principle of the drive mode, can be divided into: active buzzer (including drive lines) and passive buzzer (external drive);2, according to the different structure, can be divided into: electromagnetic buzzer and piezoelectric buzzer;3, according to the diff

  • 03-07 2018 +Read More
    Wearable Medical Sensor

    When we go to the hospital, patients will be measured blood pressure and body temperature, but the data collected only once a year or two years, and often will be ignored.It will not attact attention until these results deviate from normal value.However, the thoughts and plan of biomedical researche

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