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  • 06-30 2017 +Read More
    Good News! New Launched Products are Coming!

    We now increase function on the smart headphones. Our dual dynamic driven earphone adds bluetooth connection function.If you are interested inits appearance and need the bluetooth version, don't miss it.2. Some people may be upset by using two mobiles with only one smart headphone. Now BH1 smart bon

  • 04-23 2018 +Read More
    The Micro Size Internal Drive Electromagnetic Buzzer Is Born.

    Kenny g electronics since 2009 has been committed to the research and development production and sales of tiny patch buzzer, through the efforts of the staff team, small internal drive type patch buzzer (active patch buzzer) was launched today for the global model is KLJ - 8545-3 y and KLJ - 8545-5

  • 03-20 2018 +Read More
    Successful development of SMD Piezo loudspeaker

    Successful development of SMD Piezo loudspeakerChangzhou Keliking Electronics Co.,Ltd is a company which is specialized in research and developing,manufacturing and selling electroacoustic components.Through efforts of our team, new product is borned from new concept over and over again.SMD Piezo lo

  • 01-22 2018 +Read More
  • 01-17 2018 +Read More
    New Products are coming

    Active SMD Buzzer and Active SMD Piezo Buzzer is coming soon.Please keep

  • 11-21 2017 +Read More
  • 11-17 2017 +Read More
    Environment Test of Keliking SMD Buzzer

    Environment Test of Keliking SMD Buzzer

  • 11-13 2017 +Read More
    How to Analyze the Parameters of Buzzers?

    Sound device is various kinds of specifications, need to know several parameters (voltage, current, drive mode, size, connection/fixed way), of course, more importantly, want a voice (sound pressure size, frequency).Buzzer manufacturers of magnetic buzzer, from 1.5 to 24 v, piezoelectric from 3 v to

  • 10-19 2017 +Read More
    SMD Piezo Buzzer

    SMD Magnetic BuzzerAdvantages:1.The volume of buzzer can be made very small.(Length and width can be made as 4MM). It can save lots of space.2.Its sound is the highest in same volume product.Differences:1.Current consumption is higher than SMD piezo buzzer(Common operating current should be within 1

  • 08-28 2017 +Read More
  • 08-25 2017 +Read More
  • 08-23 2017 +Read More
    Noise Analysis of Buzzer

    When the buzzer sounds, instead of a crisp and simple beep, we call it a noise, or a broken sound,The cause of the noise of the buzzer can be divided into two possibilities.Improper use:The voltage of a buzzer is high: the diaphragm is knocked to other parts of the interior to produce the sound of t

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