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Introduction of Buzzer Frequency and Sound Pressure

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Introduction of Buzzer Frequency and Sound Pressure

The sound of a buzzer is a kind of sound wave that is produced by a vibrating device.

Frequency refers to the number of continuous cycles per second and the frequency's measurement units is Hertz(Hz). The frequency range that human can hear is about 20-20khz.The frequency which is lower than 20Hz is called infrasonic wave and higher than 20KHZ is ultrasonic wave.Common resonant frequency of buzzer is 2-4 KHZ. The resonant frequency of the buzzer means the largest frequency we suggest to use and it's sound pressure consistency is good.In general,sound frequency of buzzer is higher, the tones of the voice of the corresponding products is higher. And vice versa.

The sound pressure of the buzzer is the signal that is rated at both ends of the buzzer.The sound pressure level dBA is measured at the distance of 10cm.Decibel (dB) is the unit of sound pressure. And the larger the decibel is,the larger the sound is.

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