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Piezoelectric Buzzer's Design and Manufacture

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Piezoelectric Buzzer's Design and Manufacture

The piezo buzzer uses the piezoelectric ceramics to trade for the sound electricity which can be the material of acoustic component. It is composed of the piezoelectric vibrator and the accompaniment shell. Comparison between piezoelectricity buzzer and the past commonly used mechanical type and the electromagnetism buzzer (also said that new Chinese percussion instrument) , its prominent merit is: The small volume, low cost,low consume of the electricity, the  long life and the non-radio-frequency interference and so on. These characteristics had decided its vitality.It is rapid popular and the widespread application key. For example, in the minicomputer, the electronic watch, the child toy, each kind of domestic electric appliances, the medical instrument, as well as each industrial production aspects,etc. equipment's fixed time call, warning, already obtains the popularization application.

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