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Professional Buzzer Classification

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Professional Buzzer Classification

Buzzer classification:

1. According to the principle of the drive mode, can be divided into: active buzzer (including drive lines) and passive buzzer (external drive);

2. According to the different structure, can be divided into: electromagnetic buzzer and piezoelectric buzzer;

3. According to the different package, can be divided into: DIP BUZZER (pin buzzer) and SMD BUZZER;

4. According to the different current can be divided into: DC buzzer and AC buzzer. Among them, the DC most common piezoelectric buzzer, piezoelectric materials, that is, when subjected to an external force leads to compressive deformation of the material electric pressure electric material will produce charge. Similarly, when the power of the piezoelectric material will be deformed.

Electromagnetic buzzer, the main use of the electric conductor will produce the characteristics of the magnetic field, with a fixed permanent magnet and the magnetic force to promote the use of magnetic force to drive the ring on the ring.

Because the two kinds of buzzer sound principle is different, the piezoelectric structure is simple and durable, and can be applied to the alarm device and the like. Electromagnetic because of good sound, so much for the language, music and other equipment.

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