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Smart Remote Control

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Smart Remote Control

TV remote controls have been around for almost as long as TVs themselves. If you have any relatives that were abreast of the leading TV tech in the 1950s they may just remember the first (but finicky) wired TV remotes that would trip your pets or kids up. And then there were the remotes that worked fine as long as you pointed them at the sensor correctly. As times changed, more and more TV connectable devices came to prominence. Your grandparents may never have had the need nor the want to connect a new device to their then ‘new-fangled’ TV but you or one of your tech-savvy friends have certainly hooked up at least one such device to a television you have known. Presently, with a few twists and turns along the TV tech road, we have a new standard: One Remote Control and Auto Detection. In a nutshell, One Remote Control and Auto Detection make watching your favorite shows on your smart TV easy and we’re sure that once you’ve experienced it for yourself you’ll be wondering how you ever lived without it.

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