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Successful development of SMD Piezo loudspeaker

Views:3     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-03-20      Origin:Site

Successful development of SMD Piezo loudspeaker

Successful development of SMD Piezo loudspeaker

Changzhou Keliking Electronics Co.,Ltd is a company which is specialized in research and developing,manufacturing and selling electroacoustic components.Through efforts of our team, new product is borned from new concept over and over again.SMD Piezo loudspeaker is one typical case of all the successful items.

1.Current situation of loudspeaker:

a. High power consumption: In general, minimum power of loudspeaker is about 0.5W.

b.Large volume: Minumun size of height is larger than 3MM.

c.Processing efficiency: processing method is lead wire type.Soldering efficiency is very low.

2.Advantages of SMD Piezo loudspeaker

a.Low power consumption: Highest voltage is 20V. Current consumption is 8MA

b.Small volume: Height of first generation product will be 2.5MM. Later there will be 1.5MM product.

c.Sound volume can be adjusted by changing the voltage value.

d.It is convenient for processing.High efficency.Using SMT technology.

3.Product Application

It can be used in producing equipments which needs voice reminding such as handheld device, Human Interface Device,Smart robots,Unmanned equipments,etc. The voice reminding helps to operate these equipments.

4.Development concept ofproducts in the future

After first generation SMD Piezo loudspeaker being launched in the market, we will continue to research and develop the second generation product.We will add Hi-Fi function of music on the basis of making voice.

So stay tuned!

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