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The Tendency of Electronic Components

Views:2     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-07-25      Origin:Site

The Tendency of Electronic Components

From the perspective of the technological development trend of electronic components in the world, overall, chipping has become one of the important indicators to measure the development level of electronic components technology. Among them, chip capacitors, chip resistors and chip inductors are three passive components which account for 85%-90% of total component production. While electronic components are surface mountable, they are also rapidly developing in the direction of miniaturization. As the miniaturization process of electronic devices accelerates, the pace of compounding and integration of electronic components is also accelerating. Due to the wide variety of electronic components, each classified product has its own characteristics in terms of technological development trends.

Electronic components are entering the era of new-generation components based on new type electronic components, which will basically replace traditional components. The electronic components are only to meet the miniaturization of the whole machine and the requirements of the new process before, and have become the characteristic requirements of the development of digital technology and microelectronic technology, and are the industrialization development stage of complete sets of satisfaction.The new electronic components reflect the tendency of high frequency, chip, miniaturization, thinning, low power consumption, fast response rate, high resolution, high precision, high power, multi-function, componentization,compounding, modularization, and intelligence,etc. At the same time, the safety and greenness of products are also important factors affecting their development prospects.

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