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Wearable Medical Sensor

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Wearable Medical Sensor

When we go to the hospital, patients will be measured blood pressure and body temperature, but the data collected only once a year or two years, and often will be ignored.It will not attact attention until these results deviate from normal value.However, the thoughts and plan of biomedical researchers are ongoing monitoring of human health."There are much more sensors on cars than people." Snyder says. In the future, he hopes the situation will be reversed.People will wear more sensors than cars.

Consumers have bought a lot of wearable devices, including 50 million smart watches and 20 million fitness monitors.Most monitors monitor movement data.They can easily be adjusted into devices that can monitor health data directly.With precision medicine, everyone can know his or her dozens of normal standard data.Automatic data analysis can find unnormal data points, which represent health risks that require intervention, prevention, or treatment.

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