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What is SMD buzzer?

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What is SMD buzzer?

SMD buzzer refers to the buzzer of the plastic shell, appearance and size of smaller, roll tape packaging, the pin can be flat to the PCB, patch type package is relative to plug-in type is another form of packaging of the buzzer. The product has the advantages of small size, light weight, sound clarity, firm structure, stable quality, high temperature resistance (a wave soldering) save manual welding labor; wherein, the electromagnetic SMD buzzer patch current consumption is relatively large, if you want to use a relatively small current power consumption is to use piezoelectric patch SMD buzzer. The piezoelectric SMD buzzer patch is mainly used in blood glucose meter, blood pressure meter, mobile phone alarm, security, microwave oven, induction cooker, lampblack machine, electric curtain, computer, automobile, electric vehicle, motherboard, a monthly supply of 300000pcs SMD buzzer.

Changzhou Keliking Electronics has been focused on producing SMD buzzer for about 9  years. SMD buzzer including externally drive SMD buzzer and internally drive type SMD buzzer.SMD buzzer is one of our most important and popular type of products.

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