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You are here: Home / News / Industry Information / Why magnetic buzzer doesn't make sound?

Why magnetic buzzer doesn't make sound?

Views:9     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-02-03      Origin:Site

Why magnetic buzzer doesn't make sound?

There can be several reasons that cause the damage of buzzer which result in soundless problem.And the following includes the most common and possible reasons.

You can do an experiment and see if the following reasons will result in no sound problem.

1. Cover the sound port of magnetic buzzer with adhesive tape.Then the buzzer can not be used normally.

2. If the pin feet of buzzer has been broken,the buzzer can not make sound.

Cut off the driving circuit or power supply of magnetic buzzer,the buzzer doesn't make sound.

3. If there is no driving pulse signal gives to buzzer, the buzzer can not make sound.

4. Put an strong magnet on the magnetic buzzer,the inside structure principle will be damaged because coil magnet is one part of buzzer.And its magnetism is less than the strong magnet.

5. If the diaphragm of buzzer is broken,the buzzer can not make sound through vibrating.Stick a pin into the sound port to touch the diaphragm,the problem will occurred.

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