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Magnetic Buzzer

These are related to the Magnetic Buzzer news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in Magnetic Buzzer and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand Magnetic Buzzer market.
  • 08-21 2018 +Read More
    What is SMD buzzer?

    SMD buzzer refers to the buzzer of the plastic shell, appearance and size of smaller, roll tape packaging, the pin can be flat to the PCB, patch type package is relative to plug-in type is another form of packaging of the buzzer. The product has the advantages of small size, light weight, sound clar

  • 01-11 2018 +Read More
    How to distinguish a magnetic buzzer and a piezo buzzer?

    Both of the magnetic and piezo buzzer are black cylinder with two pins by appearance. There are a few methods can help you to determine the buzzer you have.1. Testing the buzzer by a magnet or another same buzzer, if attracting, which means the buzzer you have is magnetic buzzer. On the contrary, pi

  • 10-30 2017 +Read More
    How does the magnetic buzzer manufacturer define the decibel value?

    Decibel(Abbr.dB) is mainly used to measure the intensity of sound. In general, dB is used to express the sound pressure level, the sound pressure is doubled and the sound pressure is increased by 6 decibels.The "cent" refers to a tenth, the ones are "shellfish", but generally only use decibels.The s

  • 09-22 2017 +Read More
  • 09-20 2017 +Read More
    General Failure Analysis of Magnetic Buzzer

    Why some buzzers occur the conditions that sound weakened,soundless or cracking sound?

  • 06-07 2017 +Read More
    Trade Marks of Keliking Electronics and Differences of Domestic and Overseas English Description

    Changzhou Keliking Electronics is a specialized manufacturer of micro SMD buzzer.Keliking now owns two registered trade marks: KELIKING and KELIKINGS.English description of company name in China is CHANGZHOU KAILIJIN ELECTRONIC CO.,LTD.English description of company name at abroad is CHANGZHOU KELIK

  • 05-31 2017 +Read More
    Cooperation with Haier

    In October,2014, we have reahced cooperation with Haier in Smart Home Appliances. Which means that Keliking SMD Buzzer is recognized by international brand and company.

  • 05-29 2017 +Read More
    Utility Model Patent

    Utility Model Patent of Keliking

  • 05-26 2017 +Read More
    How about our quality control plan?

    We have a whole strict quality control system including raw material tracking, production record and test of finished products. We strictly as per the program conduct production.




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