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Passive Buzzer

These are related to the Passive Buzzer news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in Passive Buzzer and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand Passive Buzzer market.
  • 01-08 2018 +Read More
    Question about Proper Polarity

    Do I have to pay attention to proper polarity ? What happens in event of reverse connection ?

  • 01-05 2018 +Read More

    The market of wearable devices is burgeoning and promising. With shipment forecasts at 12,16 million units in 2019 versus 45,7 million units in 2015 according to IDC (source: IDC Worldwide Quaterly Wearable Device Tracker, March 2015), it is an appealing new revenues stream for both consumer electr

  • 12-22 2017 +Read More
    Products and Trends of Consumer Electronics

    Main consumer electronics products include radio receivers, television sets, MP3 players, video recorders, DVD players, digital cameras, camcorders, personal computers, video game consoles, telephones and mobile phones.[5] Increasingly these products have become based on digital technologies, and ha

  • 11-01 2017 +Read More
    Differences Between Passive Buzzer and Active Buzzer

    How to distinguish passive buzzer and active buzzer?

  • 06-07 2017 +Read More
    Classification of SMD Buzzer and Driven Circuit

    Passive SMD Buzzer can be classified into two types--SMD Magnetic Buzzer and SMD Piezo Buzzer.And we make the classification according to the structure,parts and working principle of products.Therefore their correspondent driven circuits are different.Driven Circuit of SMD Magnetic Buzzer is as the

  • 05-26 2017 +Read More
    How to deal with the product objection?

    There are a lot of attentions in the process of SMD buzzer's assembly on PCB board. If you don't control it, it will cause large probability of production objectiion. 1. Please tell us the detailed situation in the first time.2. We will provide the corresponding solutions according to the different



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