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A list of these Micro Buzzer articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional Micro Buzzer, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • 07-25 2018 +Read More
    The Tendency of Electronic Components

    From the perspective of the technological development trend of electronic components in the world, overall, chipping has become one of the important indicators to measure the development level of electronic components technology. Among them, chip capacitors, chip resistors and chip inductors are thr

  • 03-08 2018 +Read More
    Professional Buzzer Classification

    Buzzer classification:1, according to the principle of the drive mode, can be divided into: active buzzer (including drive lines) and passive buzzer (external drive);2, according to the different structure, can be divided into: electromagnetic buzzer and piezoelectric buzzer;3, according to the diff

  • 03-03 2018 +Read More
    Electronic Components Market

    The global market for Electronic Components is projected to reach US$191.8 billion by 2022, driven by the increasing indipensability of electronics in modern life; continuous development of consumer,industrial,automotive and defense electronics; shorter product lifecycles and a parallel increase in

  • 02-12 2018 +Read More
    Wearable Technology

    The terms “wearable technology“, “wearable devices“, and “wearables” all refer to electronic technologies or computers that are incorporated into items of clothing and accessories which can comfortably be worn on the body. These wearable devices can perform many of the same computing tasks as mobile

  • 02-05 2018 +Read More
    Types of Buzzers

    ElectromechanicalEarly devices were based on an electromechanical system identical to an electric bell without the metal gong. Similarly, a relay may be connected to interrupt its own actuating current, causing the contacts to buzz. Often these units were anchored to a wall or ceiling to use it as a

  • 02-06 2018 +Read More
    SMT Surface Mount Technology

    Surface-mount technology, known as the English Surface Mount Technology, referred to as SMT, which is affixed to the surface-mount components, solder to the printed circuit board provides the location on the surface of the circuit assembly technology, used in circuit board with responsibility Unprin

  • 02-03 2018 +Read More
    Why magnetic buzzer doesn't make sound?

    There can be several reasons that cause the damage of buzzer which result in soundless problem.And the following includes the most common and possible reasons.You can do an experiment and see if the following reasons will result in no sound problem.1. Cover the sound port of magnetic buzzer with adh

  • 01-30 2018 +Read More
    IoT security to protect data

    IoT security to protect data, Changzhou Keliking Electronics Co., LTD.-Buzzer-SMD Buzzer - Magnetic Buzzer-Micro Buzzer-SMD Magnetic Buzzer-Piezo BuzzerThe Internet of Things (IoT) impact the way we interact with the world around us. Billions of "things" are talking to each other – from TVs, fridges

  • 01-26 2018 +Read More
    Buzzer Frequency and Buzzer SPL

    A buzzer sound is produced by vibrating objects which have a certain frequency of sound waves. Frequency refers to the number that contains the consecutive cycles per second. Buzzer's resonant frequency is 2-4KHZ. Buzzer's resonant frequency refers to the recommended maximum, and sound pressure cons

  • 12-30 2017 +Read More
    History of Consumer Electronics

    For its first fifty years the phonograph turntable did not use electronics; the needle and soundhorn were purely mechanical technologies. However, in the 1920s radio broadcasting became the basis of mass production of radio receivers. The vacuum tubes that had made radios practical were used with re

  • 12-04 2017 +Read More
    Introduction of Buzzer Frequency and Sound Pressure

    The sound of a buzzer is a kind of sound wave that is produced by a vibrating device.Frequency refers to the number of continuous cycles per second, and the frequency of measurement units is Hertz Hertz (Hz). The frequency range of human ear hearing is about 20-20khz, lower than 20Hz for the second

  • 11-28 2017 +Read More
    The Symbol of Buzzer in Circuit Diagram

    How we express buzzer in circuit diagram?

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